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Life changes

If before I drew people who looked tired, now they look exhausted. I feel exhausted.

I don't mind wearing a mask because I can be ugly in peace.

I find it interesting that many people spend more time planning their holiday than their life. Perhaps it's because it's easier to escape than to change.

Changing life is a damn difficult thing. To make it worse, it changes your circle, perception of you and sequentially you too, which is quite painful.

Though can you change yourself without a drastic change? There are a lot of courses on the subject of how to do it softly. I doubt it can be done so easily.

Because good things don't come easy. Obstacles and failures are a part of the process of achieving something new.

New situation requires a new set of skills. It's a bit like jumping off the cliff and learning how to swim. It's easier to do when you are young, as you are more naive. Older you get, the more life experiences you get. They might make you wise, but you are less inclined to take risks plus you get a lot of responsibilities that hold you in place.

As it's not pleasant, you will do a lot trying to repair the situation. Repair does not always mean to fix a situation. Sometimes the solution is to fix yourself as your response to the same situation will be different.

When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves.

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