Health Pass suffering

Health pass.. I did it. I went and got myself a health pass. Now I'm allowed to be a human being for three days. Though that will be the first and the last one for me. I will explain.

It is good. I can sketch in a cafe. However. Sanitary pass doesn't include plates, glasses, forks, knives and spoons of a restaurant. And a year ago we were told that metal surfaces are notorious for keeping the virus. So while we check humans, cutlery passes unnoticed. And my chance to get it from a fork is much higher than someone will sneeze at me while I'm having lunch.

So I went and got the pass. I was surprised that in order to prove that I'm still healthy I need to give all my contact details and hideouts. In fact, I think only the fingerprints were missed. It was humiliating.

So why did I do it? I am going to an art exhibition. In the best of days cultural events were rarely crowded. Now it is plainly discouraged. But I'm an artist, I need it.

After all, having lunch or coffee was my pleasure and comfort. With a health pass it isn't anymore. Art, however, is my work and my passion. Passion means suffering.

And the flashing news of this week: "The administrative court of Versailles removed the necessity of health passes for 14 largest shopping centers in Ile-de-France".

There is hope.

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