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Dangerous artists

I was coming back home from yet another daily sketching session and passed yet another demonstration against Pass Sanitaire and vaccination enforcement. The demonstrators looked peaceful. However, behind them was a police cordon that nearly matched the amount of demonstrators armored what seems to be against the evil force that can take the entire town.

Equipped with all the latest heaviest armor, a row of fit big guys with shields looked so clashing against the background of a baroque fountain and few tourists, that I decided to sketch them together. Found the perfect spot just in front of them, opened the notepad... The guys were ordered to move. Damn.

Surely it couldn't be of a little me equipped with a pencil?

OK. I moved too, this time on the side of them. The huge guys didn't look comfortable being sketched and before I knew it was ordered to move again, on the side street where I wouldn't sketch them.

How scared their supervisors must be if they are afraid not only of innocent protesters but of an artist?

Think. It's not illegal yet.

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