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Climate matters

Nothing can save you from a baby on an airplane. Not even a first class during pandemics.

I have a baby three seats away from me. Damn.

Now, I love babies. They are cute and sweet and beautiful when they are seen and not heard. On the airplane they are equal to a medieval device as you can't negotiate with a crying baby.

I was worried sick how I am going to fly back with a total lack of information and numerous media and Internet warnings and threats of prosecution if I dare. The reality was different. The taxi ride to the airport was smooth on empty roads. The check in was smooth and easy. No one wanted to see any of the numerous documents I collated, including the one airline gave me themselves. Just a proof that you don't have Corvid. The departure launch was empty and enjoyable. So all in all it boiled down to money. It was expensive. The rest was propaganda and psychological threats.

On the other side it was equally smooth. Even smoother, because unlike the UK here the state still does some things for free and is also lazy. It's sunny and warm here. I guess that matters.

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