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Artist in quarantine

To move freely, one has to pay 250, isolate, and do two CORVID tests to prove that you are still healthy. Isolation is good. Most artists do it without being quarantined anyway. But tests!

Day 2. I've learned that day 2 and 8 tests are "not time bound". It's because the post is delayed and tests can't be delivered to me on time. As well as while it is strictly prohibited to go out it's OK to go to the post to send those tests back. That's good. My post office is miles away.

Vaccine! No, I'm not doing it. I read everything about side effects in a small script that was carefully hidden away under numerous links. The small script. I know by experience that what I usually get never happens to other people, so I jumped straight to "rare side effects". That was impressive. Especially the one where it said that half of your face might drop off temporarily.

Day 4. Government still phones me daily. That's nice. I don't feel lonely. Pity I always miss the calls.

Day 5. Government isn't calling anymore. Sneaked out to the shop. Wonder if I am to be caught and prosecuted... Why are they not calling me? The Corvid test I sent didn't respond with any results. Instead, it advised me that the Day 8 test is equally not time binding. Then why is it Day 2 and Day 8 if neither are related to time?

It also told me that if I want to be released from quarantine earlier, I have to pay more. Then how do I know that I am released if there isn't any response on results on time nonbinding Day 2 and 8 compulsory tests?

Day 7. The government is back! It texted. The results for Day 2 time non binding test came through too. It stiffly said that I didn't have Corona when the test was taken. Implying that I might have developed it by now. I did not. Sorry to disappoint.

Day 8. Still damn healthy. It's time for the second test but the post office is closed so no reason to do it if I can't send it.

"The only way to deal with an unfree world is to become so absolutely free that your very existence is an act of rebellion.”

Albert Camus

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