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About love

"The best love is unexpected. You don't just pick someone and hope it works out. No, this is different. You meet by fate and it's an instant connection and the chemistry between you is way above your head and you just talk and notice they way their lips curve when they smile or the color of their eyes and all at once you know you're either lucky or screwed."

Sometimes people think they are competing with other suitors when dating you, but really you are comparing them to your solitude. That's the competition. Is the company better than being alone? Are you growing around them like you do when you are alone? Do you feel safe? Is there joy? Is there peace?

Love knows how to wait. Those who are rushing things don't know how to appreciate the moment and that's there, on the pages of moments, some of the greatest love stories are written. A glance, a smile, a touch. Unfinished chapters, with favorite memories folded, almost bookmarked. If you want something real, something lasting, take a deep breath and learn more, their deepest fears, emotional baggage, their love languages and desires. Because the house without foundation fell apart in the first storm.

"You are different"

"How so?"

"Look at everyone else, they are merely words. While you, you are poetry."

Timothy Joshua

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